Tom Lyne


Composing is an important part of my music and here are sections highlighting the bands and people I’ve been involved with as well as the more recent electric bass project which resulted in my first CD release.

The Music: Writing is about music that tells a story and inspiration comes from playing, studying and listening to new music. Classical forms inspire while experimental forms open the door for ideas on unusual instrument combinations. I am moved by music that has layers of detail with interesting relationships between melody, narrative, lyric and setting

In this latest writing project I found a place to bring my lifelong musical experiences together in one place. In addition to being a performing improvising bassist, I am also an experienced guitarist, fiddler/violinist, keyboard player, studio engineer and computer music producer with a background in classical, 20th century orchestral, jazz, contemporary improvised music, acoustic traditional, electronic and modern popular. So have a listen and look around.

Far From Mars –  is the most recent writing project and is this place where I have brought together a lot of musical experience into one place and have had a good play around with things. It has been a very exciting to work with new processes in this new environment where it very much is an empty screen and a lot of possibilities.  This CD is some of those possibilities coming together with my love of playing the electric bass. Far From Mars

The Band Lyne – is  my modern jazz quartet (or trio or whatever it needs to be) and his first UK outing as band leader. The attention is about the song, improvisation and bass. My influence and inspiration comes from modern composers like Wayne Shorter, Dave Holland, and Kurt Weill, while bass players such as Paul Chambers, Charlie Hayden, Meshell Ndegeocello, and Marcus Miller have made their impression too. The Band Lyne

Dave Milligan Trio – They’ve been playing a blend of jazz, folk and other stuff all mixed together for more than 10 years and have earned a reputation for joyful and entertaining live performances. In a world full of many great piano trios, this is one you have to hear. It features Dave Milligan – Piano, Tom Bancroft – Drums and Tom Lyne – Bass. Here are two songs from our latest CD Shops.

Songs – I have worked with Sophie Bancroft for many years with a few different bands. Sophie is a prolific songwriter but I’ve managed to get a couple songs in along the way.

Granny Smith aka: Men Without Heads

I worked with this band for many years in Holland and France after starting life as a busking band in the south of France. There were many people who played in this band but as time went on it distilled into the five hardcore members. Ross Mitson – Voice and guitar, Jon Miller – Drums, Calder Spanier – Sax, Lorentz Persson – Trombone and Tom Lyne – Bass. here are a few songs I wrote way back then (1991-92) which feature of the CD Red Door.

Jazz arrangements and orchestrations


Other cinematic and electronic writing – a highlight of music produced for cinematic and commercial placements, most of that was produced in 2013 & 2014.