BassLyne and Newsletter updates 09/01/2021

Thanks for clicking through to my website. This was going to be a quick hello as part of Sophie’s newsletter, but there was more information than would fit on the page. So welcome, and please have a look around.

In December I was awarded a grant from Creative Scotland to pursue my work as a sound designer and composer, building on previous work in documentary film sound and the completion of my MSc in Sound Design.

The project is called Surrounded by Midlothian and comprises two main activities. In the first part, I will document six locations in Midlothian using a combination of immersive multi-channel field recordings (ambisonic) together with contact sensors, hydrophones, electro-magnetic sensors, aeolian harps and other experimental recordings. These recordings will be edited into sound-bank collections that will be available for listening and download for use by other artists, film makers, media producers, etc.

The second part of the project will be composing and producing music based on the sound-banks collections. Here I will sample and shape the audio into musical forms, putting them together with other instruments, creating a symbiotic symphony of natural recordings, composition, and improvisations. This music will also be available to listen or download alongside the sound-bank collections.

Surrounded by Midlothian will roll out over the next 6-8 months as I work through different areas and seasons producing a set of sound-banks and music each month. There will be videos with behind the scenes insights, some ‘How do they do it’ moments, and lots of social media activity, raising awareness about my sound design business aspectsofsound.com, and produce a body of work that is ready to go into film or media projects that are taking place.

Here is a preview of ideas I have been developing for this project (https://youtu.be/bJDTdw4Olo0). The music is constructed from an aeolian harp that was recorded in the rain in my garden one afternoon. I then edited that recording and brought the harp to the studio to play manually, where I also add some piano and improvised double bass to finish.