Red Shift

Red Shift is one of the most exciting additions to the UK contemporary jazz music scene for a decade: an improvising composers ensemble containing five trombones and rhythm section. The group takes its name from the Redshift phenomenon that is often cited as evidence for an expanding universe – and so Red Shift seeks to introduce the exciting sonic frequencies of the full trombones family to an ever expanding audience base.

The group includes; the legendary performer Rick Taylor (Elton John, George Russell, Peat Bog Fairies), the globe trotting contemporist John Kenny (Steve Lacy, Chick Corea & international carnyx soloist), the versatile Chris Greive (Ray Charles, Scottish National Jazz Orchestra, Salsa Celtica), the swinging Phil O’Malley (Scottish National Jazz Orchestra, London Jazz Orchestra, Classic Jazz Orchestra) and the powerful Patrick Kenny (Tommy Smith Youth Jazz Orchestra, Ronak Baja Indian Fusion Band, European Youth Jazz Orchestra).

Creating the pulsing interplay with this supergroup are; pianist Chick Lyall (Green Room Trio, commissions for Scottish Chamber Orchestra, Scottish Jazz Composers Orchestra), bassist Tom Lyne (Brian Kelloch, Dave Milligan Trio, Sophie Bancroft) and drummer Tom Bancroft (Geri Allen, Trio AAB, Dave Milligan Trio).

Red Shift – made their debut at the Isle of Skye Jazz Festival in October 2009 with a program featuring the music of Rick Taylor, and have since performed projects at the award winning Edinburgh Jazz Bar, featuring the music of Tony Faulkner, as well as arrangements by the be-bop king of trombone, Kai Winding, and contemporary British legend Mark Nightingale. In 2014 Red Shift hope to produce their debut album, and tour a program of new compositions created by members of the ensemble.

Tom Lyne