Chart Service

Chart Transcription Service: is geared for providing instrumentalists and vocalists with lead sheets for songs which are not normally found within the jazz standard repertoire. We will have a consultation to discuss your individual needs for the transcription(s), determine key ranges and you will provide me with the recording you want transcribed. Based on that information I will provide a chart with:

  • melody,
  • lyrics,
  • Chords

The final charts will be either in PDF format or a Sibelius file.  You can look at a sample of Autumn Leaves in PDF format.

Charts cost £35 for a lead sheet and we can discuss the requirements and extent of each project before work begins so I can give you a clear quote on the final price. It may be more or less depending on your requirements and the nature of the song

  • NOTE: Charts will be provided in concert C for all chord players and vocalists. I can provide charts for other instruments on request. ie, Eb  for Alto sax (and Baritone), Bb for Tenor sax, Clarinet and Trumpet and bass clef for  Trombone and Bass.

Please email me on or UK mobile 07811 594824. You can also find me on Facebook

Tom Lyne