Latest Post. Here is the track, Charm Offensive, from my upcoming CD Far From Mars.
Very excited to let everyone hear what I’ve been working on recently.

My name is Tom Lyne and I am a bassist and a composer. I work in many styles of music and have a predominantly Jazz and modern influence, I am also a studio engineer , create electronic music, and compose and produce original music. I teach bass, guitar and music theory, and often work with singers through various vocal workshops and now provide a chart/lead sheet service and song transcriptions for vocalists.

TomLyne-c-LaurieGray-forwebsite I play electric and double (upright) bass and am based in Scotland just south of Edinburgh in a great little village called Pathhead. Currently, most performing involves my Duo (Bancroft and Lyne) which features singer/songwriter/guitarist Sophie Bancroft. I am also one of the founding members of the Pathhead Music Collective.