Sonables II continues my composition and sound design work featuring field recordings from the ‘Surrounded by Midlothian’ sound libraries together with explorations into electronic atmospheres, orchestrations and improvisations. It was released in April 2021. When composing this music, each field recording contains an inspiration that leads to melody, rhythm, and harmony. From there, the process becomes organic and I try to follow the music where it leads me and listen for what I am being asked to provide with sounds, rhythm, textures, and instrumentation.

When I was making the original field recordings during winter 2021, I spent a lot of time discovering and then revisiting the recording locations. These places are incredibly inspiring, beautiful, and peaceful. Recording these locations was more like an act of meditation where I visited the relationships between music and nature. With Sonables II, I invite you to join me in my local region of Midlothian where some of my most favourite collaborations have been with trees and streams.

To enjoy these recordings the way they are intended, put on some headphones, close your eyes, and avoid distractions for a few minutes while you listen.

All compositions, samples, atmospheres, and performances are by Tom Lyne

Tom Lyne