Preview and download stereo and binaural mixes from this Bandcamp link. If you are looking for the complete collection including all ambisonic and mono files, go to the download link further down on this page. See the Read-me Document below for further information and the complete list and technical specifications of the files included in this library. Also included is guidance for use of these recordings and some references about ambisonic files and where you can learn more about using and listening to these multi channel immersive file formats.

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These ambience recordings feature the H3VR and NTSF on a remote moor. Moderate to light bird and wind activity, the ambience is noticeably quiet and peaceful and there are Skylarks and a Raven featured. To contrast that are recordings made by a high voltage power tower. The audio recordings and supplemented with the Soma Ether that went a little crazy that close to the high voltage. There is also an ambience mix of the power tower bringing the Ether together with some of the other recordings.

These recordings are 24bit/48kHz wav masters, edited into segments featuring countryside atmospheres.

  • AmbiX,B Format first order ambisonic 4-channel (Rode NTSF-1, Zoom H3VR)
  • Stereo or Binaural downmixes of the ambisonic files
  • and some are Mono sources (Aeolian Harps, Hydrophone, Ether, Shotgun Mic)

Winter Vol 2 – The Moor





Winter Vol 2 – The Moor_Ambience_Powertower_Mix_Ambix.wav


76.214 MB

Winter Vol 2 – The Moor_Ambience_Powertower_Mix_Binaural.wav


38.107 MB

Winter Vol 2 – The Moor_ETHER_Powertower_Mono.wav


59.901 MB

Winter Vol 2 – The Moor_ETHER_Powertower_Stereo.wav


119.813 MB

Winter Vol 2 – The Moor_General_10Min_AmbiX.wav


330.027 MB

Winter Vol 2 – The Moor_General_10Min_Binaural.wav


165.014 MB

Winter Vol 2 – The Moor_GentleWind_AmbiX.wav


113.925 MB

Winter Vol 2 – The Moor_GentleWind_Binaural.wav


56.963 MB

Winter Vol 2 – The Moor_Powertower_heavy_AmbiX.wav


120.742 MB

Winter Vol 2 – The Moor_Powertower_heavy_Binaural.wav


60.371 MB

Winter Vol 2 – The Moor_Powertower_Windy_AmbiX.wav


111.104 MB

Winter Vol 2 – The Moor_Powertower_Windy_Binaural.wav


55.552 MB

Winter Vol 2 – The Moor_SingleRavenFlyby_Mix_AmbiX.wav


86.382 MB

Winter Vol 2 – The Moor_SingleRavenFlyby_Mix_Binaural.wav


43.192 MB

Winter Vol 2 – The Moor_Skylarks_AmbiX.wav


133.004 MB

Winter Vol 2 – The Moor_Skylarks_Binaural.wav


66.502 MB

Winter Vol 2 – The Moor_WindyTrees_AmbiX.wav


101.515 MB

Winter Vol 2 – The Moor_WindyTrees_Binaural.wav


50.758 MB

More info on Ambisonics
is a full-sphere surround sound format: in addition to the horizontal plane, it covers sound sources above and below the listener. For more info you can read more here There is extensive information, tutorial videos and free software from Trond Lossius and the Ambisonics Tool Kit ATK Further useful resources and software links can be found here as well


The following license agreement is granted for all Surrounded by Midlothian Sound Libraries downloaded from Bandcamp or for use as an individual or as a creative business.  After downloading one or all of the sound effects libraries, You are granted a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use all or any of the sound effects laid out in this agreement.


1) Licensee can use the licensed sound effects on an unlimited number of projects for the entirety of their lifetime.

2) Licensee can use the licensed sound effects for personal and commercial projects without attribution to Tom Lyne.

3) Licensee can use the licensed sound effects for synchronization for audio and visual projects without limitations.

4) Licensee can redesign the licensed sound effects & sell them without attribution or royalties to Tom Lyne, but you cannot sell any of my original sounds if they are not heavily modified.


1) Licensee cannot sell any of the licensed sound effects in its original form for commercial gain & claim ownership.

2) Licensee cannot upload any of the licensed sound effects in its original form to YouTube, Spotify or any other media platform, claim ownership or for commercial gain!

3) If Licensee is a professional sound library company, app developer for virtual instruments, Kontakt or plugins and likes to use my original sound effects & ambience recordings for commercial gain, I always offer nonexclusive pay-outs. Please message me at


I would like to thank Creative Scotland and the National Lottery Fund for helping me make the Sound Libraries of Surrounded by Midlothian free to download and for you to use. Please get in touch if you have any questions, concerns or you are not sure if you could use the sounds for your project, with me at Also if you have any other questions, corrections, suggestions, or are interested in collaborating on some aspect of a project, please get in touch.

Tom Lyne