In 2011 I began producing demos of music for film. The power of the home studio was coming along nicely and I had my eye on getting placements in film and TV through an A&R company called Taxi. They got my money and thats about all I got. I kept plugging away and eventually started hooking up with filmmakers a bit closer to home. I also got more involved in the production side, sound effects, Foley, mixing and editing. This has opened up a whole new gang of people and a new professional world to work in.

Presented at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in August 2023. As the supervising sound editor, I was responsible for and produced all aspects of the sound design, dialogue, composition, and music production.

Structuring this intimate and insightful portrait of Lynda Myles, academic Susan Kemp invokes a form known to define, criticise, and shift paradigms in culture – the manifesto. Meshing archival material with interview subjects including Jim Hickey and B. Ruby Rich, Kemp employs a series of provocations to tease out the philosophy behind a lifetime of ground-breaking film work. In the film’s central conversation, Myles beautifully expresses the thrill of putting on a show (including the 1972 Women’s Event, pioneering retrospectives of Douglas Sirk, Sam Fuller and Raoul Walsh and many more) while always avoiding the polite.

Presented at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in August 2023, this documentary film was directed by Mark Cousins, United Kingdom, 2023. I developed the sound design and mixed the film.

Lynda Myles, an influential connoisseur of cinema, reflects on her adventures in the film culture she helped establish. From 1973 to 1980, as the first female director of any festival, Myles transformed the Edinburgh Film Festival into a vibrant, iconoclastic mecca of discovery.

In January 2020 I completed work on a feature length documentary film ‘In The Light’, a film by Susan Kemp, as the supervising sound editor. I produced all aspects of the sound design, dialogue, composition, and music production. There is a dedicated website for this film where you can watch the full film

Trailer for In The Light 2020

This collection of videos introduce some of the aspects of sound I work with including: Recording, Field Work, Dialogue Editing, Audio Restoration, Composition, Music Production, and Sound Effects.

This showreel highlights previous sound design work.  This includes Dialogue, Sound Effects, Backgrounds, Audio Restoration, Denoising, Mixing, Mastering, Music production, Composition, and Video Editing.

In 2019 I was working with director Sue Betts on a Queen’s Hall Youth Theatre presentation of Salt, a new play by Dawn King, as part of their first National Theatre Connections programme, a national celebration of youth theatre work and new writing.

In this project I worked closely with the director to develop the overall mood and ambience for the play in addition to all the sound FX, events, and musical cues for QLab.

Tom Lyne