Sound Design has provided a forum to explore my environment using a microphone. I recall being inspired by a TV documentary in 1978 that showed how they made the sounds of Star Wars and the recording techniques of Ben Burtt. That program sparked a lifelong fascination with recording sounds and manipulating them. It was fortuitous I became a musician and began recording in studio environments from the age of 15. However, it would be much later before I really headed out into the field (literally) with a microphone and a recording machine.

A fascination with studio recording techniques and, of course, playing with all the nice equipment kept me interested in sound and images. I love how the impact of sound and music changes the way we see things, how the emotional impact of a scene changes aas you add and remove sounds. Computers were becoming powerful enough and there was software available that allowed complete control from a home studio. These are some of my early projects and demo work.

It was finally in 2021 that I launched my first series of sond effect libraries featuring environmental ambience sounds captured in my local neighborhood of Midlothian. Some of these have gone on to become part of the professional aounds available from the Soundly SFZ library (GetSoundly). The four libraries are featured below and you are welcome to listen or download using the Bandcamp links.

Tom Lyne