Though I have been a late addition to this band I am proud to be on the latest CD ‘Big Like This’ and have had enormous fun touring around with the band. It is huge fun and fantastic music. As you can see from the list of musicians, every performance is a rather epic meeting of artists.

More information at the Unusual Suspects website.
The line-up of the most recent Unusual Suspects’ gig was:

Corrina Hewat (harp/vocal)
David Milligan (piano)
Anna Massie (fiddle)
Catriona Macdonald (fiddle)
Patsy Reid
Eilidh Shaw (fiddle)
Calum MacCrimmon (pipes/whistle)
Steven Blake
(pipes/ whistle)
Mairearad Green (accordion/ pipes)
Andrew Waite (accordion)
Rick Taylor
Konrad Wiszniewski (saxophone)
Colin Steele (trumpet)
Kevin Ferris (trumpet)
Ewan Robertson
Tom Lyne (bass)
Scott Mackay (drums)
Donald Hay (percussion)

Tom Lyne